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Mt.Fuji, Japan!!

Mt.Fuji, Japan!!

Trencadis in Park Güell, Barcelona. One of the most famous Trencadis by Gaudi. COOL 💕

Trencadis in Park Güell, Barcelona. One of the most famous Trencadis by Gaudi. COOL 💕

Finn in those 4 seasons of glee

Finn in those 4 seasons of glee

The pink lake in Senegal!!

The pink lake in Senegal!!

I just went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for around 5 days. It was a nice and exotic city. Kind of interested with the traditional monument which still being maintained strictly and diligently by the government and people there. Something we could learn for a better future. Different from Indonesia, The air is not really polluted, I traveled around the places by walking and wasn’t really disturbed by the dirtiness of the air, although we still can’t compare it with the cleanliness of Singapore. Overall, it sure was a nice trip :)

South Korea! Its on my top list of places-I-would-like-to-go-in-the-future too!!

South Korea! Its on my top list of places-I-would-like-to-go-in-the-future too!!

A Family To Remember (3) : 4 Criminals

Okay, to tell you the truth, Im starting to get tired of writing this post haha but oh well, for some reason, I better continue write it.. it is not good to go away from something that is still unfinished (tuh yuy jangan resign – resign –internal jokes, sorry)

I tell you, this #CANDRADIMUKA team is really like a convergence of diversity. If there’s a broken-home family in the second post, now in the third post, I will tell you about 4 people who just got out from the jail because various types of crimes. They aren’t related to each other, but because they got out from jail in around the exact time and unfortunately, their family has already gone, They decided to made a new family consists of four of them. There’s no dad nor mom here, neither romantic events nor love, just want to have some warm-family feeling. That’s why they decided to live together in the same roof

However, they have a leader; He got the role of leader because He was the one who’s in jail for the longest time. (Seriously, if you meet him in the real life, you will have no doubt about his murdering experience, just have one look at him, and you should be scared enough) His name is IM. He was sentenced to jail for only-God-knows years. IM is a really strong person, just have an eye contact to him once, you could break into pieces in a second. I’ve known him for 1 year, yet never dared to say Hi to him (just kidding, I actually forgot his face, that’s why I never say hi to him lol *this is rude* sorry mam!) disregarding the looks, he actually has a major weakness, his weakness is the creature God made so beautiful yet dangerous at the same time, the creature called ‘woman’.

Maybe not many people know about it, but the fact that he is weak against woman is (might be) true (lol), but I won’t say anymore about this. In this household, due to IM being the leader, he is the one who take care of the family by working as a driver in a huge mansion and falling in love with the mistress of his employer and… okay, it’s getting weird, I don’t want this post to be a kind of twisted 18+ story

Let’s move to the next person. The second person is a woman who has the same fierce looks as IM, it is SH! I’ve known her since the first day of my freshmen year (MPKT!) she wasn’t that friendly in the past (not much difference in the present too) In this household, SH takes the role of a person who always plays games, watches dramas, eats, and then sleeps… she was sentenced to jail because of the crime she did to a young master (that in the 8th episode of the drama, they will find out  that the young master actually the stepson of the mistress-who-IMAM-fell-in-love and-OMG I WATCHED TOO MUCH DRAMA I SHOULD JUST LEAVE COLLEGE AND START WORK FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY) she is the opposite of IM, she’s a men-magnet, she can handle men just as easy as Barney Stinson handle the chicks, or as easy as Ted Mosby handle girls (no, its not easy) jk lol whatever, if you have any love consultation, you can contact her, just ask me in the tumblr inbox for her contact number.

NEXT! There is RB! She is the third person who join this family. RB is actually a good person. If SH and IM got arrested because they were involved in a murder, RB got arrested although she was actually pretty innocent. She was accused of act of murder, but it actually was an act of defend herself from a strange man who did inappropriate things to her. Because she had a weak political position in the country, she lost the bidding  trial and the judge sentenced her to jail. She is a nice person, that in this household she is the one who’s been doing the housework, she is the exact opposite of SH.

LASTLY! There is EV! he was sentenced to jail because he talk to much, and kind of annoying sometimes (haha). No, No, He was sentenced to jail because He was caught using drugs—yes, he has quite an appearance of someone who’s doing drugs for quite a long time—He has a loud voice, and like to crack a joke. In this household, He is the youngest one, He likes to play with girls and drunks. He’s friends with RF who is the oldest son in the family in my previous post-who likes to drunk and play irresponsibly— He is a burden to IM that he play and spend a lot of money. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARM exam week has already passed and somehow I lost some of my inspirations to write, so maybe i will write the continuation, but maybe not jk I’ve already have them in the draft anyway. :)

(-maybe-continued to the part 4)

3 Places I wish to go in the future! Athens, please keep holding on and be safe :’) 

2015 : ASEAN Economic Community (2)

Hi there, to see the first part of this post, you can click this url :

AEC is basically an opportunity for us who’s already prepared, but it could easily become a threat for people who are unprepared enough that they easily blown away by the wind of high level competition. The key point to be prepared is to set your mind that AEC is a part of your opportunity to go to the higher level. After that, you should make your clear future plan and try to develop and improve yourself to be a better person in every aspect you have.

So here in my college, I have a subject that belongs to marketing management concentration named “International Marketing”. Each student should go to a foreign country and do their general observation directly by try to live there for a minimum 1 week. After that, each student should give the class a 10-minutes-presentation about what they got in their observation in the foreign country.

Each presentation has its own uniqueness and insight, so to tell you the truth, disregarding how much we paid for this subject, these are really insightful and somehow open my eyes about the world. One insight that amazes me is the preparation of Thailand to the AEC

Rasyidah was the one who gave the presentation about Thailand, she went to Chiang Mai and found out that in every corner of the city, they had an around-5-pages-thick-booklet that told the citizen about The Asian Economic Community and everything they should do about the AEC.I think this is a simple-yet-necessary way to arouse the awareness of the citizen about AEC. You’re good Ms.Yingluck Shinawatra!  The second thing who surprise me is that the college student there should already fluent in more than 3 foreign language. This is also the part of them who’s currently preparing to be the best in AEC.

What about Indonesia? I haven’t researched more about the citizen’s awareness in Indonesia, but based on what I heard and secretly observe, many people still don’t know what the heck AEC is and seems don’t really care about this. It’s okay, though (no! its not okay!)

well okay then, see you in another post!! :)

A Family To Remember (2)

First, I want to tell you that I’m actually not that kind of person who usually do these kind of cute things, so I actually feel somewhat embarrassed in writing this kind of thing here. However, I want to contribute something for my future-self that just like what I said in the previous post, I write this so in the future, I could reread it again and feel good about it.

to see the first post you can click here :

So Next!! I want to tell you about my partners. There was a guy with initial R. I’ve known him since around the second semester of my freshmen year, so talking with him was not a big deal at all. However, this was the first time I directly work with him in a team, so this was  a kind of a new thing for me. He was really cooperative and somewhat understanding, so even though its only for a short period of time, it felt good to work with him.

His vices gave me more impression  than him, There were 4 of them and to tell you the truth, at the first time, I had no slightest idea about them at all, even after the first meeting, I still can’t really remember their names and faces haha I think its all because of my lack ability in remembering people and maybe its their fault to be so forgettable.They are N, RK, IP, and V. They are still in their first and second year, so yes, R is the oldest one.

R division is like a family, a broken-home family who consists 1 cheating dad, and 4 children. In this case, the mother was running away from home because R’s incompetence. His first son is RK, judge by the appearance, he has a look of a 20-year-old man who likes to drink every night in the club, got home drunk, and in the morning, found himself in the bed with unknown woman. Yes, He’s exactly like that. But fortunately, no, He seems like a good guy haha jk (no, seriously) he has a good personality and no, he never got home drunk  and found himself in the bed with unknown woman (maybe). I think RK is the most mature person in between those siblings, so he is suitable for the role of the first son.

N is like a (somewhat cute ) little puppy. even though she born only around 1 year after me, I found that she has a really young face, I felt as though as I got a new little sister who’s only 7 years old. She is the type who likes to be happy and then cry afterwards, if you like to read some shoujo manga, she is pretty much like the heroines whose only good point is  ‘try to do her very best in everything’ (like the scene when the hero of the manga –who is the most handsome boy in the school—is looking at the heroine who’s currently painting something with passionate eyes. Even though the heroine is just an ordinary girl, he fell for her because her willingness to do things) haha what I want to say is, that she is like that type of classic shoujo manga heroine, if you still didn’t get it, its okay.

IP and V are the youngest one in those siblings. I found IP (Male) is really cute, he is like an ostrich (in a good way), seriously, I felt as though I just got myself another little brother who’s still 8 years old (so yes, he looks older than N who’s 7 years old) IP didn’t talk much, but I know that its not because he was pretending to be cool or anything like that,  I think he has the personality who can’t be close with someone fastly, to put it in one word, he is the introvert type (okay, its 2 words) I didn’t interact much with him, but actually he gives off some good impressions. After we all spent time together, he started to be himself, the freak one. Because he was regularly silent, Its really hilarious when I saw him joking like a total freak. He is kind of funny for an ostrich (lol, jk, love you pin!! Haha).

V is the youngest one in the sibilngs. At first, I thought she was the quiet type. Judge from the appearances, If RK was like the oldest son who likes to play around irresponsibly, V is like the youngest daughter who likes to tidy and clean the house while the other siblings throw around the garbages into the floor.  But yes, like what I said, I couldn’t be more wrong than that. Even though she hasn’t completely revealed her true self, I could say that she is more extrovert than I thought. , At some point, I found that she is really weird, funny and somewhat mentally ill (lol, in a good way, though haha) she is really hug-able and again, i felt like as if I got myself another little sister who’s 6 years old haha. Seriously, everybody said that “R’s children” all are attractive, I think im completely agree with them.

They are all have good potential and to tell you the truth, I was really looking forward to work with them, but unfortunately, the fate has spoken and I think the world hated us for being so loving with each other that in the end, we can’t achieve what we wanted to achieve together. I hope we could still be friendly with each other in the future. I hope our future-self never forget this fail-yet-so-much-to-gain experience. –what gain? I will tell you later.

There are still 20 people more to be written, I dont know if I could write all of it.

(to be continued….)