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2015 : The ASEAN Economic Community (1)

I know that this blog is not really well-known (as the matter of fact, I think this blog really is unpopular) but I can’t help myself when I heard that many people still don’t have any idea what ASEAN Economic Community is and according to, Indonesia still don’t have enough preparation for this AEC. This is only a small post, but anyway, this is a small bit of my mind. 

ASEAN Economic Community

What do you think when you first hear this? If you think like “what is this? is this some kind of overly-smart stuff which I didn’t really care for?” PLEASE STOP THINKING LIKE THAT! this is a really important thing and it will really affects your life. Stop being an emo and try to let go your apathy, cause this is a big thing that will affects everyone life, and whether it will GAIN or RUIN your life, it depends on yourself.

ASEAN Economic Community is a Regional Economic Integration that will be started in 2015. To put it simply, there will be integration within all of the member of ASEAN which includes Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, and Malaysia. 

There will be free flow of goods, services, investment capital and skilled labor following the liberalization. These will include tariff reductions and (of course) streamlining of certain administrative procedures. So Basically, this AEC envisages the following key characteristics

  1. a Single market and production 
  2. A highly competitive economic region
  3. A region of equitable economic development
  4. A Region Fully integrated into the global economy

So what is the impact of this AEC to our life? 

It means that the market will getting more (and more) competitive, and especially for you who’s still a student, your opportunity to have a stable job, or at least, to be recruited in a nice global company will be reduced.. but of course this risk also apply for everyone, the more competitive the market is, the better person you need to be.. and of course, you need to boost your self-competitive advantage, so to put it simply, there will be much more possibility that ‘the return you will get’ would be higher, but of course, ‘the effort you need to do’ will be higher too as the competitiveness is getting higher and higher.  

I think this is a big thing for everyone. This is only an introduction about this topic. I hope this will give you some knowledge. I will post more about this in the future. See you! 

(to be continued to the next parts)

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