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2015 : ASEAN Economic Community (2)

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AEC is basically an opportunity for us who’s already prepared, but it could easily become a threat for people who are unprepared enough that they easily blown away by the wind of high level competition. The key point to be prepared is to set your mind that AEC is a part of your opportunity to go to the higher level. After that, you should make your clear future plan and try to develop and improve yourself to be a better person in every aspect you have.

So here in my college, I have a subject that belongs to marketing management concentration named “International Marketing”. Each student should go to a foreign country and do their general observation directly by try to live there for a minimum 1 week. After that, each student should give the class a 10-minutes-presentation about what they got in their observation in the foreign country.

Each presentation has its own uniqueness and insight, so to tell you the truth, disregarding how much we paid for this subject, these are really insightful and somehow open my eyes about the world. One insight that amazes me is the preparation of Thailand to the AEC

Rasyidah was the one who gave the presentation about Thailand, she went to Chiang Mai and found out that in every corner of the city, they had an around-5-pages-thick-booklet that told the citizen about The Asian Economic Community and everything they should do about the AEC.I think this is a simple-yet-necessary way to arouse the awareness of the citizen about AEC. You’re good Ms.Yingluck Shinawatra!  The second thing who surprise me is that the college student there should already fluent in more than 3 foreign language. This is also the part of them who’s currently preparing to be the best in AEC.

What about Indonesia? I haven’t researched more about the citizen’s awareness in Indonesia, but based on what I heard and secretly observe, many people still don’t know what the heck AEC is and seems don’t really care about this. It’s okay, though (no! its not okay!)

well okay then, see you in another post!! :)

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